Molecular basis of insect olfaction, Dr. Anandasankar Ray, UCR Drosophila Lab University of California, Riverside UCR Department of Entomology Ray Lab Research

Congratulations to Kavita Sharma for the Cell Reports COVER!

Congratulations to Genevieve, Dyan and Sean for their CELL paper.

Congratulations to Pinki and Sean for their Article in Nature. Listen to Anand's interview on NPR.

Congratulations to Sean for the eLife paper

Congratulations to Anand for getting tenure!

Congratulations to Genevieve Tauxe for winning the coveted Don Tucker Award for the Best Graduate Student Presentation by the Association of Chemoreception Sciences (ACHEMS, 2013)!

Congratulations to Sarah Perry for the Genes & Development COVER!

Congratulations to Dr. Stephanie Turner Chen for winning the coveted Larry Sandler Memorial Award for the Best Drosophila thesis for 2012, Drosophila Conference, Chicago.

Congratulations to Dyan Macwilliam for winning the Polock Young Investigator Award 2012, Association of Chemoreception Sciences